Working Together

If you’re reading this page, you’re a Successful Spirit-Driven Entrpreneur and may want…

  • A business model that provides consistent and reliable client flow
  • A direct path to more income and clients led by your Spirit
  • Access to practical solutions & resources for your top business problems
  • To work less with more freedom
  • And to HAVE FUN doing what you love

Have I got that right?

Well then, you are absolutely in the right spot.

I know you have GREAT service to give your clients and are already quite successful reaching them.

Most likely, you’re also working much harder than you want to.

Have you not yet found the freedom and time you desire as a thriving conscious entrepreneur?

I want you to have success on your terms in a way that alsosupports and nourishes you.

A way that’s consistently lucrative with ease and grace.

You game?

Let’s talk, and get to know each other further.

What cracks your heart wide open and what holds you back from full freedom?

What are your most pressing biz challenges and what do you want instead?

Together, we’ll envision, formulate and implement a tailor-made business model that best serves YOU and YOUR CLIENTS and your desired success vision.

Fill out the application below and then together, we’ll explore how we can best work together.

With deep appreciation,
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Application to Consult with Missy

Take your time to answer all of the questions below. My intention with this application is to get a sense of who you are, what’s important to you, where you are in your business and where you want to go. This allows me to dive right in with you when we talk and best utilize our time together.

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What are your biggest struggles in manifesting that vision?*

What are your top business goals for the next 6 months?*

What do you see as your biggest blindspot in working with your clients?*

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