Does the Path to Success Have to Be Like This?

I’ve seen an increase in the number of articles and conversations amongst my entrepreneurial communities lately about such topics as: the unspoken increase in severe depression amongst entrepreneurs (“Entrepreneurs Losing Battle to Depression” by Jason Stein), the correlations between bi-polarity and and the creativity needed for success, or how about this one: “Harnessing Entrepreneurial Manic-Depression: Making the Rollercoaster Work for You” (from the 4-hour work week).

On top of that, I’ve got clients like the one a couple of weeks ago who told me that she wanted to “develop (her) resilience more so that her ups and downs are less volatile and the downs are of shorter duration.

Or,  another entrepreneur colleague who called me recently, and was suddenly questioning all his business decisions, wondering if he should just give up and get a job. 

In both cases, what was described to me was the extreme loop-de-loop emotional roller-coaster an entrepreneur rides (and takes everyone along) through the successes and failures of their business:


Sound familiar?  Have you had those thoughts?  

Have you felt stuck in a spiral of depression and hopelessness that you thought you’d never get out of?

Yes, entrepreneurship can often feel like that rollercoaster

Not only that, many entrepreneurs pride themselves on their ability to go through that mess.  I’ve seen this demonstrated with memes and images passed around which infer that success can only happen through that chaotic emotional cycle, like the following one many of us know:


There are many articles and anecdotes out there about how to deal with this which suggest options like: get support, meditation, journaling, walks in nature and even medication.  And these are all GREAT resources!  

But these are only strategies to cope with the emotional rollercoaster, not to reduce or eliminate it.

What if I told you…. It doesn’t actually have to be that way to begin with?

What if you can walk the path of success without the severe high and lows?  

What if you can be in more control of the emotional experience of your business?

Recently, I wrote to you about Free Glutamates and the additives in your foods.  You might have been wondering:

“I’m following Missy because she’s talking about business and spirit and connection.  Why is she writing to me about food?”

Well, as I mentioned in my last email, the reason to care is because free glutamates can easily and severely affect your nervous system and brain chemistry which then can trigger depression, ADHD traits, autism tendencies and extreme mood swings.  (Never-mind the digestive troubles, migraines and other physical reactions that can distract you from your mission.)

Actually, what free glutamates do is cause your nerves and brain cells to over fire— to send more signals than they need to.  This overstimulation happens all over the body, and usually targets your weakest spots (like old injuries).

But, what I’ve found to be the most profound experience is what goes on in my brain, including targeting my emotional ‘weak’ spots.

My most recent personal experience of this happened just a few weeks ago.  After a few days of travel, not eating as mindfully as I usually do, my body built up an excess of free glutamates.  Within a couple of days I noticed my moods swinging all over the place. I could hardly function or focus on ANYTHING.

I became aware of ‘looping’ in my mind – the continual loop of thoughts like: “I’m really sad, that makes me angry, I’m a horrible person, that makes me sad, etc…” 

What’s worse is that those thoughts felt really really REAL. Like “this MUST be the REAL TRUTH”.  No matter how much confirmation I had to the opposite, I felt trapped in the horrible downward spiral of depressive thoughts.

Have you ever had one of those loops?  Most entrepreneurs that I know do on occasion.

What’s totally crazy is that after a few days of Non- free-glutamte eating… I was completely fine and all the things that felt REAL and BIG and like my ULTIMATE TRUE FEELINGS didn’t feel that way anymore.  

Here’s what’s important that I learned from this: 

It’s not that your feelings are invalid when in these states of emotion..  It REALLY IS how you feel.

Let me say that again: Your feelings are true and real and valid


…the free glutamates activate your brain cells in such a way that its like putting those feelings under the strongest biggest microscope you can find.  And when you’re zoomed in that close, those feelings seem SO BIG that the whole world seems that way.  It’s impossible to step outside that zoom to see the entire picture.

So, the next time that you’re looking at your biz and feeling ready to give up, get out, change everything around or are generally stuck in a cycle of: “This isn’t working, I suck, I’m not good enough, my clients don’t like me, etc.”… 

…give it a few days.  Give it even as long as 2 weeks before you make any BIG decisions.  Take a break, be gentle with yourself, watch what you eat, CLOSELY, and then re-assess later.

I’ll be sharing more in future emails about Free Glutamates, what to avoid, how and why.  I’m also working on a great assessment to help you know if your feelings are being enhanced by food-induced brain chemistry.  I’m committed to support you to claim your emotional freedom on your terms– Stay tuned!