What’s Brewing?

Happy Monday!!

I thought it was about time to give you a little update on what’s been brewing here in Miz Missy-land.

About a month ago, I mentioned in an email that I was branding and developing a new body of work.

And, I am– wheeeee!!!

This is something that I am super passionate about and has also become my every day lifestyle.

You see, I met my sweetheart in the past year and half (we’re planning our wedding for this summer, which is the other thing I’ve been up to) and, he has opened me up to a whole body of information on food and lifestyle that has completely changed me, my health, my relationship with my body and overall well-being!

Do you ever have that happen? You meet someone and are suddenly opened up to a whole new world of something you were never exposed to before?

Yeah, that.

In this case, its not that healthy living and nutritious food were new to me. I’ve been a passionate cook, student of various food lifestyles/diets and recipe creator for quite some time. I absolutely LOVE concocting delicious, beautiful meals for all kinds of food choices, allergies and lifestyles (as many of my friends have experienced first-hand.)

But, my beloved exposed me to some vital information about the US food industry, what is really in our foods that we can’t see (even what seems like the most basic foods), the evolutionary wisdom of our bodies and the biochemistry involved in all of this.

Since then, I’ve been on a quest to learn everything I can about this stuff. We’ve also committed a ton of energy to embrace this lifestyle and figure out exactly how to live it in our modern world with ease and enjoyment. I think that’s actually the ‘hard’ part!

I can say that this journey has led me to:

  • Eliminate that general sense of feeling shitty or just ‘off’ that could completely derail my day (or week or month)
  • Break free of depression and extreme mood cycles
  • Feel more consistent days after better nights of sleep
  • Get sick less often (including completely avoiding the ‘usual’ winter colds/infections)
  • Reduce aches, pains and inflammation
  • Spend less money eating meals at restaurants that only end up making me feel crappy
  • Enjoy deep relationships with the sources of my food (butchers, farms, purveyors)

Oh, and by the way I also shed a few ‘bonus’ pounds as my body finds it’s own natural balance. I wasn’t even trying for that one!

I also wrote to you recently about self-care. This has been a HUGE part of this journey as well. A path to consciously choose what serves my well being and happiness in every moment rather than always feel at the whim of my body, my emotions and my circumstances.

THAT’s what freedom feels like!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect, I don’t make the BEST choices all the time, however I’m completely aware and conscious of what I choose and thus acknowledge my own control over how I feel.

So, that’s what’s been happening over here. You can expect to hear more in future emails about this exciting work. I’ll share some of the latest research and information, our stories and adventures in food, and tips and tools to implement these strategies in your lifestyles.

I’m committed to share the knowledge & science.

I’m committed to easy, practical, hands-on tools & techniques.

I’m committed to conscious choices that best supports your well-being and your business.

I’m committed to investment in long-term health retirement.

I’m committed to foster deep self-relationships without chemical or food induced moods, fears, and stuck emotional loops.

I’m committed to freedom.

What’s been brewing for you lately?