If I don’t comment on your next FB post…

It’s not that I don’t care or don’t love you…

How many times have you equated people’s comments or ‘likes’ (or these days ‘reactions’) to whether or not you’re likeable?

Do you adjust how you move through the world based on that digital judgement? Do you make different choices for yourself or your business because of it?

If so, it probably means that ALL the digital inputs coming across your screen on a daily basis– via social media, emails, tv and the internet– make a HUGE impact on the life you choose to create.

It’s easy to be aware of situations, places, events or people that shift your energy and thus affect your reactions and choices.

Sometimes, in an awesome way (like that late night deep sharing with your best friend.) Sometimes, in a not-so-awesome ways (perhaps like that last time you visited your hometown?)

I’m getting ready to attend the Big Shift Experience in California this week. This event is huge. Actually, its gigantic!

That can be both exhilarating AND exhausting. I LOVE that many people in a room experiencing transformation together! And, it is a massive amount of energy moving around.
When I attend an event like this, I am always super mindful to keep myself as clear and intentional of a channel as I can be.

But, this does not only apply to times that I am in big crowds.

I spend the majority of my work-time (which is a significant portion of my days) in front of a computer, on the internet and in my emails. You might do the same.

I’m aware that this much time online must be making a HUGE impact on my life. What is that impact? Is it what I consciously choose for myself?

With these questions in mind, I took some BIG ACTION

I cleaned out the energetic digital input that comes my way. How did I do this?

  1. I unfollowed most people (possibly including you) on Facebook
  2. I created a brand new personal email address, free of spam lists and junk (even the lists I once desired to be on!)

I did this because I realized that what goes in is what comes out. (That’s an old computer techy term: GIGO – garbage in, garbage out). Here’s what I mean by that…

When there was a lot of ‘garbage’ entering my field of awareness every day, I saw that I would waste more time, was less focused and less connected with myself or clients. The energy I would give out was just as messy, foggy and filled with crud as the ‘garbage’ energy that had entered.

This could happen so much, that I would either make decisions for the worse about myself (informed by the ‘garbage in’) or simply check-out just to ‘get by’ or survive.

I’m committed to self-care over coping. In other words, I want to choose what well-being means for me and invest my focus towards that lifestyle. THAT, is self-care.

Coping is what I was often doing— ‘checking out’, or temporarily doing something for myself to just get by within the busy-ness of business.

In order to be the woman I want to be in the world, I require self-care. In order to give in the ways I want to give, I would need to feed my spirit the same energy that I want to give out.

So, I now declare a new acronym: LILO – Love in, Love out!

To let you know what’s happened since I unfollowed almost everyone on my Facebook feed AND changed my email…

I feel such a huge relief. I waste less time wading through crap that I don’t care about. I actually see the things I DO care about and I can connect more deeply with you about those things.

All of this feels great– like I can breathe again!

So, while I might not comment on your next Facebook post, please know that I consciously choose what enters my awareness which means I choose to look you up (we’re still FB friends if we were), enjoy your wall and connect deeply with you.

And, in the meantime, I ask you this:

What actions can you take to be the most clear and open channel possible for your brilliance to come through?