Rebirth Your Work in the World

Wondering how to get started transitioning from one business path to another?

Here is a recent article I co-wrote, published on If you are looking to transition how you work in the world, you won’t want to miss reading it!

In our first article on conscious, spirit-driven business, we’d like you to know a little about us, and also provide some practical advice on how to rebirth your work in the world.

Who are we?

Missy Wilreker is a successful Intuitive Business Strategist helping Spirit-Driven Entrepreneurs break through their 6-figure barriers in their relationship-based businesses. She brings together her vast range of professional experience with a heart-centered approach to support her clients in creating and implementing their simplified, leveraged success models so they enjoy more time and freedom.

Jaice DuMars is the Director of Operations for a publicly-traded software company as well as a business transformation consultant, musician, artist and hand-engraver of musical instruments.

Together we share a passion for making the world a better place as active members of the conscious business movement.

As members of a diverse community who have chosen to create our own paths, there is that time when we choose to find our own way to do our ‘work’ in the world. For most of us, this choice leads to creating our own business of some sort rather than working for someone else.

One of the most difficult stages of solopreneurship is that first step of rebirthing: when you already work for someone else and want to branch out into your own venture. It can often feel both exhilarating and frightening.

How do you start something new while still maintaining a living, covering existing expenses and devoting most of your time to your employer?

First of all, it’s not always easy. It’s just not. Building your own successful conscious business — one aligned with your values and choices — requires dedication, commitment and consistency. But, we assure you it is possible.

There are three basic steps to making this migration from employee to entrepreneur and these steps are about a mindset shift more than anything else.

Its a complete shift in your decision-making process.

Let’s look at the shift more closely. This first pyramid is the model that most people operate from. The thought pattern for this pyramid goes something like:

“I have a job so I can support my lifestyle which allows me to do what I desire”

new Moving to a spirit based business pyramid

In this model,
MONEY is the foundation of stability.
LIFESTYLE are the benefits from having money and
DESIRE comes absolutely last.

Notice that Desire is something squeezed in after working and paying the bills. This model has become such a standard that most people don’t even give it a second thought. In fact, many people don’t even realize that another possibility exists.

The biggest mistake we see most people make when starting their own business is to start shifting the base of the pyramid first.

In other words, they allow their decision-making to be from a financial standpoint instead of a desire standpoint. Wait, seriously leave our desires behind when making decisions?!?! Imagine trying to move the foundation of a house with all of the house still on top — not so easy. In the same way, the Money foundation is the most challenging to move first, and that is what most people try to do.

At the top of the pyramid, we have Desire. While it feels painful to give our desires such a small stature, that positioning actually gives us the perfect place to move from! Rather than making the money move first, what if we lay our new foundation with the top stones of Desire?

What could your life look like if Desire was the foundation to all your choices?

Let’s look at our pyramid again, but this time turning it upside down:

new Moving to a spirit based business pyramid-2

While we wouldn’t really want an upside down pyramid, this is an easy way to show how we can rebirth our work in the world to match who we are:

  • Clarify your desire and expand it to be the base for your decision making. This is your calling, your purpose, your biggest dreams. And while you still have the income from your traditional job, you focus on going after it with all you’ve got to find a way to offer it to the world.

  • Reshape your Lifestyle around your Desire. This is about creating an environment that fully supports your desire. You may need to trim or change your expenses, invest in tools to express your desire, build community and support. It needs to be inspiring and within the financial means you will start from once you leave your regular job. This may include choices to create a financial buffer that allows for the full transition.

  • Allow Money to fall into its place — supported by your desire. Your desire coupled with a strong strategy, commitment and consistency will make the money fall into place.

Leaving a known system is hard, and the lure of steady paychecks mustn’t be underestimated. And, this is where lifestyle and desire become so important.

When you are surrounded by a community of success and accountability aligned with your desires, you will be driven to succeed.

Allowing your desire to be the compass to map out concrete actions and offerings that people want and need will lead you directly down the path to the lifestyle, money and success you want to manifest. Not to mention, the impact you’d like to create.

Rebirthing your work in the world is a process, like birthing anything. One of the first steps is to connect with your desire, your vision, your unique and precious flow. “Flowing is the pipeline to our inner truth, the impulse to follow the flow of one’s own energy, to be true to oneself—listening and attending to our needs, receptive to our inner and outer worlds. When we open up to the flow of our physical beings, all other pathways open.” (

Blessings on your journey of rebirth.
~Missy & Jaice