Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

Getting ready for Passover this week. The main thing about Passover is to retell the Jewish story of moving from slavery to freedom from Egypt (Mizrayim). Mizrayim also means “narrow place”.

We continue to tell and live our stories. Sometimes, we see our lives only from the context of a story. This story is our very own “narrow place” from which we live. And from within this self-generated version of reality, we can lose sight of alternative possibilities. We see no avenue of change, only the narrow stuck place.

Each problematic situation we find ourselves, the “plagues” of our daily lives, relates in some way to the stories with which we enslave ourselves — some lesson we still have to learn.

I ask you: What story do you tell that holds you back from your own freedom?

I invite you to release it and let it go!

Blessings on your Journey.