[Interview] How to Tame the Comparison Monster

I was interviewed last week by the wonderful Janelle McGuire on her show Fearless Visibility. We talk about the dreaded “Comparison Monster” and how to tame that beast. There are stories, tons of laughter and a bit wisdom too. Enjoy!

ABOUT THE SHOW, Fearless Visibility with Janelle Maguire:
Twice a month, Janelle interviews women entrepreneurs in the public eye. She gets the “behind-the-scenes” on:
– how they were able to build the confidence to do that,
– if and when they falter,
– how do they pick themselves up after a fall,
– inspiring/motivating tips on how you can be more fearlessly visible,
– a special look at what each guest is up to next!

We’ll go beyond the glittery surface of seeming perfection into the realm of vulnerability to share stories of obstacles and struggle had by these women entrepreneurs who look pretty damn perfect/successful/brave on the outside. People you think must have it easy… and yet… 🙂 Tune in and gain a sense of “wow! If they can do, I can do it too.” Expect funny stories and a good time!